SKC May 2017 - Championship Show

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SKC MAY 2017

Order of judging

Note to Exhibitors – Amendment to order of Judging Day 2  - Spaniel (Irish Water) NOT BEFORE 9.15AM 1.pdf 2.pdf 3.pdf

Friday, 19th May — Toy and Utility
Saturday, 20th May — Gundog, Hound and Obedience
Sunday, 21st May — Working, Pastoral, Terrier and Agility ROYAL HIGHLAND SHOWGROUND
Ingliston, Edinburgh EH28 8NB

ADULT £5.00
(Child / OAP)
FAMILY TICKET £12.00 (2 Adults and up to 2 Children)
Children under 3 free

Car parking costs £5, payable to the Royal Highland Centre.

Visitors can bring dogs to the show with them as spectator dogs for an entry fee of £5 payable at the gate.

The Show will open at 7.30 am each day for Exhibitors.

Main spectator gate open 8.30 am.

All judging will commence at 9.00 am each day, unless otherwise notified in the Canine Press.

Please note that Eye Testing at this show wll be £39.00 and not £38.00 as stated in the schedule

Please note that LOWCHENS are being judged by Mrs Z Thorn-Andrews and not Mr J Horswell as printed in the schedule

Replacement judges

Retriever (Flat Coat) will now be judged by Mrs A Moss (subject to KC approval)

Finnish Spitz - will now be judged by Mr J Horswell (subject to KC approval)

Siberian Husky & Canadian Eskimo Dog will now be judged by Mrs G Lappin-Lawrence (subject to KC approval)

Airedale Terriers will now be judged by Mrs S Kealy (subject to KC Approval)

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier will now be judged by  Mr R G Ross (Subject to KC Approval)

Bedlington Terrier will now be judged by Mr C J Pick (Subject to KC Approval)

Rhodesian Ridgeback will now be judged by Miss L Aitken (SAADANI)

Bolognese will now be judged by Mr A Leaonard (WITCHSTONE)

Polish Lowland Sheepdog will now be judged by Mr T Munro (Subject to KC Approval)

Papillons will now be judged by Miss L Tarabad (Subject to KC Approval)