Working Trials

SKC 2017 Working Trials Schedules Trial 2017.pdf for Muthill Trial 2017.pdf for Championship Trial 2017.pdf


In all stakes dogs are required to be 18 months old to be eligible to compete due tot the agility section. There are Open Trials where Certificates of Merit are gained and Championship Trials where Qualifying Certificate allow the suffixes CD through TD and PD to be gained.

In order for a dog to achieve the title of Working Trial Champion it has to win a minimum of two “Tickets”. To win a “Ticket” the dog has to win the Trial outright and a dog may become Champion by winning two TD or PD Tickets; it can also achieve the status of Champion by winning one of each “Ticket” in TD or PD stakes.

The following briefly explains the various stakes within Working Trials:

Companion Dog Stake (CD)

The first stake which is designed to show that the dog has the necessary training; it contains the elements of CONTROL, AGILITY and NOSEWORK without the track.

Maximum marks 100

Utility Dog Stake (UD)

The first tracking stake which involves a half mile track with two articles aged at a minimum of 30 minutes and search square that contains four articles which two must be recovered to qualify. The Control and Agility is made up by such exercises as HEEL WORK, RETRIEVE, SENDAWAY and 10 MINUTE DOWN STAY with handler out of sight, GUN TEST (steadiness) 3ft HURDLE, 9ft HURDLE, 9ft LONG JUMP, 6ft SCALE.

Maximum marks 200

Working Dog Stake (WD)

Half mile track aged at a minimum of 90 minutes, the remaining exercises are as the UD Stake.

Maximum marks 200.

Tracking Dog Stake (TD)

Half mile track with 3 articles aged at a minimum of 3 hours, all other as UD and WD Stakes, with exception of the retrieve which us replaced by a '"SPEAK ON COMMAND" and the SENDAWAY which has RE-DIRECT added to the exercise.

Maximum marks 220.

Patrol Dog Stake (PD)

Half mile track with two articles aged at a minimum of 2 hours all other exercises as TD Stake. In this case there is an added Patrol Group which involves QUARTERING for “hidden Criminal”, CHASE, RECALL, ESCORT and TEST OF COURAGE.

Maximum marks 320

In order to qualify in any Working Trial Stake a minimum of 70% of the marks must be obtained for each group within the Stake and a minimum total of 80% of the marks must be obtained.