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Breeder Register


The Scottish Kennel Club receives numerous enquiries every week for pedigree puppies. A copy of the SKC Breeders' Register, together with a puppy pack, is sent to these prospective puppy owners wishing to contact a breeder who is likely to have puppies for sale now or in the foreseeable future. Entry on the Register is FREE to members and can save ££££'s in advertising costs. An additional bonus is knowing that your puppies are going to owners who have taken the time and trouble to locate reputable breeders. Further opportunities to advertise your puppies on the web-site will be announced shortly. Please note that a full list of breeders is sent to each enquirer.

In order the maintain the integrity of the register, all breeders are asked to agree to the following undertaking:
(This must be completed and signed before entry into or retention on the Scottish Kennel Club Breeders' Register will be permitted)


1.   A receipt of purchase price, noting any conditions of sale.

2.     The appropriate Kennel Club Registration Documents or an undertaking so to provide, noting any endorsement.

3.     A signed Pedigree Certificate, where appropriate.

4.     A suggested Diet Sheet.

5.        A statement that the dog has been wormed, together with a suggested regime to follow.

6.        An insurance certificate covering veterinary fees for four weeks from date of purchase.


1.        I will abide by the requirements of the Animal Health & Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 or similar legislation, and amendments thereof, in my country of residence.

2.        I will abide by all current and future legislation relating to the breeding, rearing, welfare, sale and transportation of dogs.

3.        I will abide by the Kennel Club General Code of Ethics.

4.        I accept that inclusion on and removal from the Breeders’ Register will be at the discretion of the Executive Council of The Scottish Kennel Club.

$15.        I will not sell any dog to commercial dog wholesalers, retail pet dealers or on behalf of a third party, etc.

$16.        No puppy will leave my premises for its new home before 8 weeks of age and has been wormed.  It is recommended:  to have the puppy vet checked within 48 hours of purchase to have the puppy micro chipped & inoculated in consultation with the vet.

7.        I will not breed:

a) from any bitch under one year old at the time of mating.

b) from any dam which is aged 8 or over at date of whelping, unless I obtain Kennel Club permission.

c) from any dam which has previously whelped 4 or more litters.

d) more than one litter in a twelve month period per bitch, unless I obtain Kennel Club permission.

To receive membership application and breeders' register forms, contact the following :-

Scottish Kennel Club
Eskmills Park Station Road
Edinburgh EH21 7PQ

T. 0131 665 3920
F. 0131 653 6937
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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