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'Obedience' is the all encompassing word to describe dog training at whatever level you choose.  Obedience is a very big part of every day living with your dog and there can be few more pleasurable activities than 'showing off ' a well trained dog.  There is an undeniable inner sense of satisfaction (and smugness) when, for example, on a trip to the Vet, your dog steps very calmly onto the scales, stands perfectly still to be weighed, and then you watch other clients having a real fight with their dogs and it takes the owner and two veterinary assistants five minutes to weigh a 'hound from hell'.

Obedience is a sport in its own right and is the basis for all activities with your dog.

To start off in Obedience

  • Request a list of Clubs which hold Obedience training classes from The Scottish Kennel Club.
  • Join a competitive Obedience Club in your local area and start training.
  • Register your dog on the Kennel Club Breed Register or the Activity Register.
  • Familiarise yourself with Kennel Club Rules and Regulations.  An Obedience Regulations booklet can be purchased from The Scottish Kennel Club.
  • To enter a competition a schedule and entry form can be requested from the Secretary of the particular Club running the show.
  • Complete the entry form and return it, along with your payment, to the Secretary prior to closing date.

Without a basic level of Obedience it would be impossible to take part, successfully, in any other canine activities.

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